Cinderella’s Personal Transformation Story

glass slipperYesterday tells the story of our past. Today tells the story of our future. A quick review of history’s recorded story transformational artists. So many examples, where to start! Oh yes, Cinderella, our beloved story transformer, making her story variants known in virtually every culture throughout the world! Hum, daydreaming about the Prince? A great place to start!

Hanging out in the cinders of life’s entertaining decades of story scripts:

  • “Wow, I must not be good enough, if I just work harder they will like me.”
  • “Yes, I will just keep working harder and harder. Of course they will like me.”
  • “Yes, I am an adult now, but maybe if I work even harder than I ever did before, then they will surely, hands down, for certain like me.”

That Prince daydream? He is going to be at the ball! Yes, the very same all invited Kingdom rocking ball! Wow! I get to see him at the ball! Yes, the ball! I just know that if I work extra hard, make my own dress from the materials of my past, I will meet the Prince in person!

“What, you mean you will never like me. I will never be good enough? Being good enough in your eyes was never an option? You are not going to let me get to the ball? But the Prince, the one I have dreamed about all my life, he, he is at the ball and will soon be married! NO!!! He just can’t get married with out me!”

What do I do next? Hum . . .Clean the floors! Oh, I have done that millions of times before. Ah, wash the clothes! Oh, I did that twice today all ready. Hum, mow the lawn! Oh, I do that every day. Hum . . . cleaning, mending, raking, scrubbing . . . Oh, I do that everyday, in the same place, for the same people. But the ball, the ball is happening right now in a different place where someone else does all the mending, cleaning, mowing, scrubbing . . . The Prince, he just can’t get married with out me!”

Walking out the front door – Wow! There are houses and people out here! Looking around, at the edge of the property sits a women never seen before. A glaze, a sparkle . . . a new story of belief, a new story of life’s personal transformation has begun! It is a good thing too, or the Prince would have gotten married without me!

Remember, please take immediate  inspired action on your life’s magic wanding moments. Some offers expire at midnight tonight!

To the images, the dreams of our stories can become the adventurous of our day!


Until next time . . . Let Your Storyographer’s Journey Begin!

Telling a Story? – Tips and Tidbits!

A storyteller, though voice and jester, invites people to join him/her on a guided tour of images, the place where a story begins, change happens and where life or someone’s awareness will never again be the same: knowing that the beginning will never be the same as the ending.

  1. Choose a story, myth or tale that you love – if you don’t love it, don’t do it. Ask your self, why do I love it? Why is this important for me to tell? What is the most important part of this story to me?
  1. If it is a myth or a folktale, then look it up in other sources – book and/or audio. Every storyteller adds his or her own unique style and flavor to a story. This might give you some more ideas as you work up your own version. Try reading it out loud to yourself or to a friend to hear the cantor of the story.
  1. Make an outline of the key events. Know your story – never memorize it. Remember every story has a beginning, something that happens that changes everything, now what – how life is different from when the story started.
  1. Practice by telling a friend or a family member. The more you tell it in front of others, the better your story becomes. Watch your story grow and come alive as you “listen” to what your audience is hearing.
  1. Become familiar with and research key elements in your story – main characters, geographic locations, plants, animals . . . Or try changing the setting or the main character in your story ie, retell it from the mouse’s, wicked step sister’s or tree’s perspective. Maybe the tortoise and the hare decided to race through the plumbing in your school!
  1. Review your original sources. It is important to keep the integrity of the storyline.
  1. Remember the ending to your story.  That way you know were you are going.
  1. Have fun. If you love what your are doing and love your story, your audience will too!

“The mythology of Greece survived for centuries before Gutenberg invented the printing press. To know the stories, one had only to listen to keepers of tales – the storytellers. Today, because we no longer need to rely upon the spoken work to know the stories, we forget that they were vividly entertaining vehicles of culture in a pre-reading era. The best written versions, I believe, remind us once again of the oral power of the ancient myths.” Barbara McBride-Smith in her book Greek Myths Western Style: Toga Tales with an Attitude.

Greek Myth's Western Style

Until next time . . . Let a Storyographer’s Journey Begin!

David and Goliath

Wow! Looking at the story as taken from the Dead Sea Scrolls. It makes me think about what I am focusing on in life and what really motivates me into inspired, excuse-less action. The kind of action where my identified problem is really secondary to what I really want at this precious moment in life.

David, a young Shepard boy, takes care of sheep. A rather thankless job in almost any culture, often “dumped” upon the younger siblings. Sheep, not being the most intelligent of creatures, create their own set of unique challenges. They actually remind me of the “I don’t get it’s” of society.  It isn’t that they don’t care or really want to figure it out, they just have a unique talent for missing the obvious.

David, a sheep milking herd protector, and “if no one else is available” errand boy heads up to the front lines of the latest battle to deliver food to his older brothers. While standing around the camp fire, listening, he hears a voice, a voice that is louder than any voice he has ever heard. Looking up he sees a man larger than any man he has ever seen. This man, dressed in armor, calls himself Goliath.

Hum, fight me and the war will end. The battle has been long. Front lines meant hand to hand combat – bodily intact-ness, breathing by night fall realities lie in certain question. The King of the Isrealites offers enticing incentives to the one brave enough to step forward. David, learning of possible marriage to the King’s daughter and tax free bonuses, steps into action.

King Saul’s heart goes out to this young man. In the moment he offers him his armor. The armor is for made for someone of specific size, training and stature that David is not. A nice armor-ed offer, but definitely not a fit. Gathering the courage within himself, his belief in God and belief in God’s belief in him. Further fueled by the King’s bonuses, David schedules an appointment with Goliath.

Five Smooth Stones

In preparation, David accesses his tools, his knowledge and his skills. He knows the importance and value the his work has in the lives of his sheep and the financial impact in the lives of his family. He has fought off many a wild, teeth bearing creäture threatening the life and lively hood of his precious flock and anyone that dare stand in their way. Kneeling down beside a stream, David carefully selects five smooth stones. Armed with belief, courage, a sling shot and five smooth stones, he defeats the giant, Goliath. And yes, the King remains true to his word, for there is a wedding to be planned and previously designated tax gratuities is now available for other uses.

When faced with the Goliath’s of our lives, where is our focus? Are we only seeing Goliath or are we seeing the joyous rewards that victory will offer us? Our dream job or business venture . . our dream home or car . . .the love of our lives . . .  the acclaim we have always striven for . . . the appreciation we receive for the unique gifts that we have to offer and the impact they make in other people’s lives. Do we let our circumstances define us or do we step out with the incredible resources that lie within us, with our focus  on the prize that lies ahead of us, and with our new story’s redefining, circumstance-ing outcomes?

Until next time . . . Let a Storyographer’s Journey Begin!

“You can’t teach a pig to fly.”


Can you teach a pig to fly? Great question! A great question desires a great answer. When I find one, I will let you know.

Now in the world of flying or non-flying pigs, I sometimes see myself in the mirror. In the world and reality of single toe ungulates, flying is probably not on their list of goals, go to favorites or even on the list of conscious or semi-conscious reality. Yet for us, in our humanoid form of being, this poses a valid question. Can we teach pigs to fly? Or more importantly, can we teach ourselves to fly.

Porking out on troughs filled with the “I can’t’s . . . I can’t do it . . . If only my boss would . . . The economy . . . I wore pink striped underwear on a blue polka dotted underwear day . . . The list of life’s I can’ts is as long and as creative as the universe itself. In moving through the well crafted, stories of life’s “I can’t’s” let’s step out of the barnyard and into a new story. One that allows each of us to fly higher than we ever dreamed possible. One which elevates us and opens us up to a new level of freedom in our lives.

In your personal life: Who or what is the “pig” you are trying to teach to fly? That ongoing, same old ending story which never seems to change? Capture an image of that story. Go into this image and visually explore other possible outcomes. See and expand on this image. Now, take a few minutes, each day and write down your “pigs” progress. It could be a change in feelings. A change in how people interact  with you. A change in the type of opportunities which come into your life. A change in . . . ? Keep a brief daily record for at least a month. OK, now, how is your pig doing on its flying lessons?

Looking back through your brief, daily logs, it’s content is the basis for a new life story.

What challenges have you overcome?
How is the ending, or where you are now, different from the beginning?
What changes have happened inside of you and your life as a result of this journey?
Who are the “unseen” helpers which have added something unexpected along the way? What are you doing to celebrate your victorious ending?

On the story-development side pig aviation;  think of a favorite story or folktale. Take the main character and ask yourself:

Where are you going?
What seemingly impossible challenges are ahead of you?
Do you care?
Are you so sick of the way life is as it is that you don’t care what might be in the forest ahead of you, or what is across that ocean across from you?
Are you trying to “figure out” how you can get there; if it is even possible; if it is worth all the time and hassle . . . ?
Who and where are you in the journey which lies ahead. Are you willing to allow yourself to do the seemingly impossible which just might be entirely possible?
Where are you in your own pig’s flying lessons?

Now here in lies a new story to tell and an adventurous life to live!

Until next time . . . Let your Storyographer’s journey begin!