Cinderella’s Personal Transformation Story

glass slipperYesterday tells the story of our past. Today tells the story of our future. A quick review of history’s recorded story transformational artists. So many examples, where to start! Oh yes, Cinderella, our beloved story transformer, making her story variants known in virtually every culture throughout the world! Hum, daydreaming about the Prince? A great place to start!

Hanging out in the cinders of life’s entertaining decades of story scripts:

  • “Wow, I must not be good enough, if I just work harder they will like me.”
  • “Yes, I will just keep working harder and harder. Of course they will like me.”
  • “Yes, I am an adult now, but maybe if I work even harder than I ever did before, then they will surely, hands down, for certain like me.”

That Prince daydream? He is going to be at the ball! Yes, the very same all invited Kingdom rocking ball! Wow! I get to see him at the ball! Yes, the ball! I just know that if I work extra hard, make my own dress from the materials of my past, I will meet the Prince in person!

“What, you mean you will never like me. I will never be good enough? Being good enough in your eyes was never an option? You are not going to let me get to the ball? But the Prince, the one I have dreamed about all my life, he, he is at the ball and will soon be married! NO!!! He just can’t get married with out me!”

What do I do next? Hum . . .Clean the floors! Oh, I have done that millions of times before. Ah, wash the clothes! Oh, I did that twice today all ready. Hum, mow the lawn! Oh, I do that every day. Hum . . . cleaning, mending, raking, scrubbing . . . Oh, I do that everyday, in the same place, for the same people. But the ball, the ball is happening right now in a different place where someone else does all the mending, cleaning, mowing, scrubbing . . . The Prince, he just can’t get married with out me!”

Walking out the front door – Wow! There are houses and people out here! Looking around, at the edge of the property sits a women never seen before. A glaze, a sparkle . . . a new story of belief, a new story of life’s personal transformation has begun! It is a good thing too, or the Prince would have gotten married without me!

Remember, please take immediate  inspired action on your life’s magic wanding moments. Some offers expire at midnight tonight!

To the images, the dreams of our stories can become the adventurous of our day!


Until next time . . . Let Your Storyographer’s Journey Begin!

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