About Grace


Storyteller – Story Coach – Story Writer

Grace’s vivid, modernization and retelling of traditional folktales, coupled with her original historical tales delight audiences of all ages.  Whether her stories are in oral or written, Grace captures the dynamic realism of story’s compelling journey.

Through her personal journey into the world of storytelling, Grace came to realize the stories we tell are part of us; a part of who we are as unique individuals, immersed in the reality of our own lives. It was not, as she had previously thought, the memorization of someone else’s literary words. The true power of story lies in the unique expression and artistry of one’s own voice.

Grace invites you, to join her, in embarking on an engaging journey into the realms vivid realism of story’s adventurous unfolding. For in story, as in life, its characters are as outlandishly adventurous, deviously mischievous and outrageously zany as any of us truly are.

Storytelling – Story Coaching

Please visit me at storyographers.com or contact me at gracetales@gmail.com
Talk to you soon.

Grace is a Western Michigan, under the Mackinaw Bridge, Storytelling Troll, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a former Storyteller with the Heartlands Performing Arts Council.

Word on the Streets

“Dynamic . . . Dramatic . . . Entertaining!
Unplug the TV and plug Grace in!” 

Sherri Pringle: RN, MA Education – Mother’s Trust: Interfaith Institute

“It was hard to visualize what a storyteller would do in the modern world. Grace’s story of melding her Social Work practice with storytelling was amazing. I only wish someday I can tell stories as well as she can.”

Jeffery Gowell – Business Administration – Ludington, MI

“Experience the impact of story through the art of storytelling, the artistry of story development and the unique power of your voice. Let your story be the one remembered long after the performance or presentation is done.” 

―Grace Wolbrink


















Grace also holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Grace both masterfully crafts story’s to delight and entertain audiences of all ages as well as re-crafting traditional folktales to further support people following the aftermath of trauma.

Grace’s storytelling performances and presentations take her from the stages to various community, clinical and educational setting.

For more information on Storyographers please stop by and visit Grace at: storyographers.com!

“Dynamic . . . Dramatic . . . Entertaining!
Unplug the TV and plug Grace in!” 

Sherri Pringle: RN, MA Education – Mother’s Trust: Interfaith Institute

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