David and Goliath

Wow! Looking at the story as taken from the Dead Sea Scrolls. It makes me think about what I am focusing on in life and what really motivates me into inspired, excuse-less action. The kind of action where my identified problem is really secondary to what I really want at this precious moment in life.

David, a young Shepard boy, takes care of sheep. A rather thankless job in almost any culture, often “dumped” upon the younger siblings. Sheep, not being the most intelligent of creatures, create their own set of unique challenges. They actually remind me of the “I don’t get it’s” of society.  It isn’t that they don’t care or really want to figure it out, they just have a unique talent for missing the obvious.

David, a sheep milking herd protector, and “if no one else is available” errand boy heads up to the front lines of the latest battle to deliver food to his older brothers. While standing around the camp fire, listening, he hears a voice, a voice that is louder than any voice he has ever heard. Looking up he sees a man larger than any man he has ever seen. This man, dressed in armor, calls himself Goliath.

Hum, fight me and the war will end. The battle has been long. Front lines meant hand to hand combat – bodily intact-ness, breathing by night fall realities lie in certain question. The King of the Isrealites offers enticing incentives to the one brave enough to step forward. David, learning of possible marriage to the King’s daughter and tax free bonuses, steps into action.

King Saul’s heart goes out to this young man. In the moment he offers him his armor. The armor is for made for someone of specific size, training and stature that David is not. A nice armor-ed offer, but definitely not a fit. Gathering the courage within himself, his belief in God and belief in God’s belief in him. Further fueled by the King’s bonuses, David schedules an appointment with Goliath.

Five Smooth Stones

In preparation, David accesses his tools, his knowledge and his skills. He knows the importance and value the his work has in the lives of his sheep and the financial impact in the lives of his family. He has fought off many a wild, teeth bearing creäture threatening the life and lively hood of his precious flock and anyone that dare stand in their way. Kneeling down beside a stream, David carefully selects five smooth stones. Armed with belief, courage, a sling shot and five smooth stones, he defeats the giant, Goliath. And yes, the King remains true to his word, for there is a wedding to be planned and previously designated tax gratuities is now available for other uses.

When faced with the Goliath’s of our lives, where is our focus? Are we only seeing Goliath or are we seeing the joyous rewards that victory will offer us? Our dream job or business venture . . our dream home or car . . .the love of our lives . . .  the acclaim we have always striven for . . . the appreciation we receive for the unique gifts that we have to offer and the impact they make in other people’s lives. Do we let our circumstances define us or do we step out with the incredible resources that lie within us, with our focus  on the prize that lies ahead of us, and with our new story’s redefining, circumstance-ing outcomes?

Until next time . . . Let a Storyographer’s Journey Begin!

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