Image-ignition – Story’s Words



Images make the basis for a story. Story’s images guide and direct its listeners into the location, the characters, and the adventures. Storytelling is an interactive art form because listeners and storytellers are connected, both through these images.  Our minds think or see things in the form of images. When talking about an ostrich-legged cantaloupe eating sunflower seeds on an inch worm, it’s not the words you see but some crazed image of . . . !

Our minds specialize in the recording and compartmentalization of information, the recordings of our live’s fated and/or ill-fated escapades and word-ifed images.  Words describe the images, feelings intensify the images. Whether words are were written or spoken, the human mind records and adds meaning the images they describe.

Dribbling into the your latest tale, sniff around. Taste. Listen. Watch. Wonder.
Image – imagine. Develop a sensory-filled, focal point for each character and/or each major event in your story’s story-line. This  image, or focal point, becomes the backdrop for the advancing parade of characters and their escapades.

Let the images of story be your guide. See them talk. Experience the reality of their presence. Then ask yourself:

What sparks my curiosity or sets my toenails a blaze?
What else is possible?
What do I like or even love about it?

Story’s talk propels mind’s images into action.

Until next time . . . Let Your Storyographer’s Journey Continue!

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