Cinderella’s Personal Transformation Story

glass slipperYesterday tells the story of our past. Today tells the story of our future. A quick review of history’s recorded story transformational artists. So many examples, where to start! Oh yes, Cinderella, our beloved story transformer, making her story variants known in virtually every culture throughout the world! Hum, daydreaming about the Prince? A great place to start!

Hanging out in the cinders of life’s entertaining decades of story scripts:

  • “Wow, I must not be good enough, if I just work harder they will like me.”
  • “Yes, I will just keep working harder and harder. Of course they will like me.”
  • “Yes, I am an adult now, but maybe if I work even harder than I ever did before, then they will surely, hands down, for certain like me.”

That Prince daydream? He is going to be at the ball! Yes, the very same all invited Kingdom rocking ball! Wow! I get to see him at the ball! Yes, the ball! I just know that if I work extra hard, make my own dress from the materials of my past, I will meet the Prince in person!

“What, you mean you will never like me. I will never be good enough? Being good enough in your eyes was never an option? You are not going to let me get to the ball? But the Prince, the one I have dreamed about all my life, he, he is at the ball and will soon be married! NO!!! He just can’t get married with out me!”

What do I do next? Hum . . .Clean the floors! Oh, I have done that millions of times before. Ah, wash the clothes! Oh, I did that twice today all ready. Hum, mow the lawn! Oh, I do that every day. Hum . . . cleaning, mending, raking, scrubbing . . . Oh, I do that everyday, in the same place, for the same people. But the ball, the ball is happening right now in a different place where someone else does all the mending, cleaning, mowing, scrubbing . . . The Prince, he just can’t get married with out me!”

Walking out the front door – Wow! There are houses and people out here! Looking around, at the edge of the property sits a women never seen before. A glaze, a sparkle . . . a new story of belief, a new story of life’s personal transformation has begun! It is a good thing too, or the Prince would have gotten married without me!

Remember, please take immediate  inspired action on your life’s magic wanding moments. Some offers expire at midnight tonight!

To the images, the dreams of our stories can become the adventurous of our day!


Until next time . . . Let Your Storyographer’s Journey Begin!

“You can’t teach a pig to fly.”


Can you teach a pig to fly? Great question! A great question desires a great answer. When I find one, I will let you know.

Now in the world of flying or non-flying pigs, I sometimes see myself in the mirror. In the world and reality of single toe ungulates, flying is probably not on their list of goals, go to favorites or even on the list of conscious or semi-conscious reality. Yet for us, in our humanoid form of being, this poses a valid question. Can we teach pigs to fly? Or more importantly, can we teach ourselves to fly.

Porking out on troughs filled with the “I can’t’s . . . I can’t do it . . . If only my boss would . . . The economy . . . I wore pink striped underwear on a blue polka dotted underwear day . . . The list of life’s I can’ts is as long and as creative as the universe itself. In moving through the well crafted, stories of life’s “I can’t’s” let’s step out of the barnyard and into a new story. One that allows each of us to fly higher than we ever dreamed possible. One which elevates us and opens us up to a new level of freedom in our lives.

In your personal life: Who or what is the “pig” you are trying to teach to fly? That ongoing, same old ending story which never seems to change? Capture an image of that story. Go into this image and visually explore other possible outcomes. See and expand on this image. Now, take a few minutes, each day and write down your “pigs” progress. It could be a change in feelings. A change in how people interact  with you. A change in the type of opportunities which come into your life. A change in . . . ? Keep a brief daily record for at least a month. OK, now, how is your pig doing on its flying lessons?

Looking back through your brief, daily logs, it’s content is the basis for a new life story.

What challenges have you overcome?
How is the ending, or where you are now, different from the beginning?
What changes have happened inside of you and your life as a result of this journey?
Who are the “unseen” helpers which have added something unexpected along the way? What are you doing to celebrate your victorious ending?

On the story-development side pig aviation;  think of a favorite story or folktale. Take the main character and ask yourself:

Where are you going?
What seemingly impossible challenges are ahead of you?
Do you care?
Are you so sick of the way life is as it is that you don’t care what might be in the forest ahead of you, or what is across that ocean across from you?
Are you trying to “figure out” how you can get there; if it is even possible; if it is worth all the time and hassle . . . ?
Who and where are you in the journey which lies ahead. Are you willing to allow yourself to do the seemingly impossible which just might be entirely possible?
Where are you in your own pig’s flying lessons?

Now here in lies a new story to tell and an adventurous life to live!

Until next time . . . Let your Storyographer’s journey begin!

Stories – Images – Crafting the Stories of Our Lives!

A friend, an incredible friend showed me a bench he made, a simple, yet eye-catching blend of curved lines, legs extending  inward, forming a eye-catching bench. I smiled at the quality of his workmanship, the ah in his eyes, a job well done.

His image, his pride, his success in his craft. Images flood my mind. So often in the role of storyteller, social worker, life living individual on the earth plane. How often I forget to take time to develop an image, a goal, a destination in my own life for the things I truly desire. So at the end, I too can uphold the end result in pride, quality of a job well done.

Thank you for the lessons of work well done, an image provided direction and a celebrated outcome.

What is the image you hold in your mind today? What project, idea or goal do you have and what image do you add as your desired outcome? What is your story today and the large story for tomorrow? Images are the key to stories, images are the key to shaping the stories of our lives.

Hum . . . to an imaged filled day with celebrated results!

Until next time . . . Let a Storyographers Journey Begin!

Re-visualizing Bank Robbery’s Painful Replays

Wow! I was so honored by some many courageous people re-entering the workplace following a robbery. These courageous people went on to share their stories of what happened, how it effected them and how life is now different for them. So many individuals talked about the images, replaying the images of the robbery in their mind. A very normal response, for the moment.

Images, the foundational fabric of storytelling, their imprints on our minds eye and their impact on our lives. Maybe it is time, in our minds eye, to change the ending, or even the beginning. No one has the right to take up space in any one elses mind.

Yes, it is true, the armed robbers jumped the counter and instructed tellers to line up by the vault. No one ever expects a robbery to happen, but at that moment it did. Laying awake at night, or even during the day, seeing the robbers coming over the counter leaves one in a continue state of feeling powerless and vulnerable. Finding the courage to acknowledge that you did exactly what you needed to, knowing that you have nothing to do with the robber’s desire for the bank’s money, then changing the course of action in your own mind.

Hum, robbers entering the building at the precise moment the sheriff walks in to deposit his paycheck. The robber’s now startled, pause, pausing  just long enough for you to hit the silent alarm button. panicked, the robber runs out the door, with out the cash, unexpectedly  into the backseat of a local police car. A smile crosses your face as you watch the police car fade out of sight on its way to the police station.

The stories people tell have a way of taking care of them. If stories come to you, care for them and learn to give them away where needed. Sometimes a person needs a story more than food to stay alive. That is why we put these stories in each other’s memories. That is how people care for themselves. – Barry Lopez

Until next time . . . Let a Storyographer’s Journey Begin!

Bringing Joy to the World! Karin Volo’s Inspirational Story!

Joy-to-Faith-Cover-200“Every day I had to make a conscious choice between love and fear. I chose love and it eventually won—as it always will.”  Karin Volo

Karin Volo, a nationally and internationally known, acclaimed business developer, success coach, dedicated partner and Mother of two young children, ages 6 and 8, entered into the San Diego airport for a return flight home. Only one week prior to this, Karin’s wildest dreams rapidly unfolded in her life; moving into her dream home, watching the Law of Attraction movie “The Secrete”, preparing for the launch of her highly successful business across two more countries, now standing, with the man of her dreams and business partner, excitedly awaiting a flight back home to their family in Sweden. A tap of the shoulder from an US Marshall at the San Diego, CA airport in March of 2006 changed Karin’s and her family’s life forever.

Karin, being immediately placed under arrest, handcuffed, jailed, accused, yet never convicted or sentenced, for a crime she never committed, in a country that was not her own. This devastating, life altering news reached her family, without even a chance to hug her young children good-bye. Karin, now facing the horrifying uncertainty of living, locked down, in the seamlessly, never-ending, mind numbing lines, rows, and levels of iron bars encasing cement defined rooms. Her life now in ever wavering jeopardy, facing possible extradition to Mexico, strip searches, pat downs and head counts . . . Fear and terror threatening to over take her, determined, she enacted the law of attraction. Armed with the book “Yoga for Dummy’s” from the prison library and her courage, she served to meet the needs of herself, her family and fellow inmates for the next 1,342 days. During this time she led other women in powerful visualizations of their lives, outside iron bars, and cement walls. In these visualizations the women loving transported their children from one activity to another, celebrating their accomplishments, supporting them in their dreams, somehow embracing the knowledge, through faith, that today’s reality would never become tomorrow’s destiny.

Armed once again with books from the local prison’s library, Karin studied meditation and spirituality. During her now daily meditation sessions the image of a girl, named Joy, spoke to Karin. In the course of her communication with Joy, Karin authored 27 books relating the deep spiritual truths that she was learning in a manner that her children would understand. Joy grew illuminating Karin’s mind and her time. One by one, she wrote, illustrated and sent these Joy books to her family in Sweden. It was through Joy that Karin and her family embarked on a life transforming, Spiritual journey together.

Karin’s story so immeasurably touched me, by the incredible gift she gave her family, as during these tough times her books, her words, her presence, her Mothering stood so markedly strong and far-reaching. I am inspired by the strength of Karin’s love and parenting as she continued nourishing and nurturing her family and friends through her inspirational stories. While Karin could not be there in person, she was present in so many other ways. I could just see her children receiving one of these incredible gifts, the kind we all love to give our children. Sitting there with their Father, welling with excitement in anticipations of receiving and opening these immense treasures from their Mother. Through their now Father’s voice, hearing their Mother’s words read through a literary journey of hope, faith and love’s transforming power. Then the excitement of sharing it with their friends:  “Look at what my Mom . . .” The incredible gift of skills, tools, strength, self-worth and empowerment that Karin gave each member of her family. I can not image what Karin’s children thought or felt as they received these treasured gifts from their Mother. Then, 3 years and 10 months later, receiving the news that Mon was coming home.

Thank you Karin and Joy!