Silver-Tree and Gold-Tree: A Scottish Snow White Variant – Part ll



Gleefully enjoying the thrill of the hunt, the Prince gathers his men and his trophies. Upon his return, he learns of Gold-Tree’s untimely demise. His heart aches. Grief overtakes him. Looking at her lifeless body, he sees her radiant beauty and feels the love he has for her. Looking down on her face, he knows he could never bury someone as beautiful as she is. Still looking as fresh and vibrant as the day they met, he decides to make a special room for her inside the castle. A room known only to him.

Time moves on, as does life itself. Feeling inspired, the Prince re-enters the dating game and finds that he has not completely lost his touch. In a moment of magnetic attraction he meets his new queen. He proposes.  She accepts. He hosts yet another wedding.

I am not really sure if the Scottish are as lucky as the Irish, but as luck would have it, the Prince lost his keys and was already running late for his party’s hunting trip rondevu. His on-top-of-it new wife locates the keys right after the group hits the woods outside the castle walls. Examining the ring, she finds an unidentified key. Knowing there must be a door to go with the key, she searches the castle until she finds an unidentified door leading into an unidentified room.

Securing the key in the lock she opens the door. To her unsuspecting surprise she finds a beautiful woman stashed inside. She gasps at Gold Tree’s beauty. Looking down at her hand, she notices a poisonous stab stuck in her finger. Realizing that it might be a bit painful, she yanks it out.

Gold-Tree stretches and yawns. Slowly opening her eyes she looks around. Sitting up she does what women do best; talk, talk and talk some more, with or without lunch.

Later that evening the Prince returns home, dejected and downcast after a grueling day on the hunt.

Seeing her beloved husband so distraught and being the incredible wife that she is, she offers to cheer him up.

According to the Prince, cheering up is not an option unless Gold-Tree comes back to life.

“Well than my beloved husband, do I have a surprise for you, as this truly is the luckiest of all your days. Close your eyes and come right this way.”

Remember the hunting trip blues? Well, they soon became as terminally digested, processed and eliminated as yesterday’s dinner. For what he does not know, but soon will know is that just around the corner sits Gold-Tree joyously awaiting his arrival.

Turning the corner, the Prince flips! I mean their first kiss was pretty incredible, but this time . . . it’s more like indescribable.

Being the amazing wife that she is, his second wife offers to leave, as . . . well . . . wife number one has just returned from the living dead. Plus there is the slight complication of no known precedents for this type of case to follow, refer to or blatantly disregard.

The Prince, loving them both, offers another solution. With open arms he welcomes both of them as his beloved wives. Dismissing with the formality of a handshake, they go for a group hug instead. The Princess’s offer is officially accepted.

Here again this could have been the peaceful ending to a near tragic tale, but not so. You would think that everyone could now live in peace. Ha! A year later, on a certain day of days, Silver Tree makes her annul visit to fairy glen to meet with her bonnie little friend, Mr. Talkative, the trout who lives in the well that stands in the fairy glen.

Once again that same sniveling little well-dwelling trout rats out Golden Tree’s whereabouts and her return from the living dead.

You might think he’d be someone’s tasty meal by now, but no such luck.

Silver Tree freaks out; the whole thing about being trumped by her own daughter in the world of beauty, yet again, for the third year in a row. No respectable beauty queen could ever settle for second place.

Silver Tree again runs to hubby and talks him into getting her another ship so she can see her beloved and long-lost daughter – the one she misses terribly. Hubby agrees and off she goes. Gold-Tree recognizes her father’s ships and alerts wife number two that her mother is really a freelancing professional hit-woman under the disguise of a Queen. Her target, none other than her only daughter Gold-Tree.

Wife number two rises to meet the challenge. Taking Gold-Tree by the hand, together they meet Silver-Tree at the docks.

“Oh lovely daughter, it has been such a long time . . . as in another whole year has gone by. Here we are again. As a small token of my, well, our annual reunion I have prepared a special drink for you.

Wife number two steps forward, right on top of things as usual. “In our country, guests take the first drink.”

A look of semi-horror fills Silver Tree’s eyes. Wife number two steps forward again, unceremoniously helping Silver-Tree take the first sip. A sip which rapidly turns into a heavy handed gulp. At this moment Silver-Tree falls down dead.

Silver Tree un-joyously returns home a corpse and remains this way the first time around.

Back at the castle, the Prince and his two wives live on, happily-ever-after.


Until next time . . . Let Your Storyographer’s Journey Begins!






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