Story Harvest – Daily Conversations

24034069-circuslionsI love sitting around large gatherings of people and listening in to their conversationally inspired memory flashes. A treasured garden filled with ripening, story igniting images.

A grow man, with two teenage sons of his own shares his father’s first known driving experience. “My Dad got his first truck driving job when he joined the circus. The work was hard, but in these days, work was work and most people didn’t have it. Early morning routines consisted of shoveling manure, setting up tents, wooden planks for audience seating and generally, what ever else needed to be done. The key to having a good job and keeping it is doing what ever your boss wants you to do. I still remember the time when they needed a driver for one of the trucks and they asked me. I watched people drive those things everyday, it didn’t look that hard. No problem, I told them. I grabbed the keys, climbed into the driver’s seat. I looked down at the floor boards;  clutch, brake and gas, the only thing I needed to know. After getting things going, the only thing I really needed to know was how to keep it running. Red lights and traffic signs on pre-historic roads made keeping up and keeping the engine running a tougher job than I expected and getting lost was not an option, so I decided that running through red lights, whizzing past stop signs, was a better option. Later in the early morning hours, terrified with a white knocked grip on the steering wheel, the circus lions arrived at the fair grounds.”

MIA (Missing in Action) a soon to be identified suspect showed up missing at a mandatory family photo-shoot appointment. But wait, the over 50-year-old suspect was just here not more than 30 minutes ago! An all adult family gathering photo opt is now put on hold as the great search begins. Where could he be? How could he do this to us! I mean everyone is waiting! What is the purpose of cell phones if your don’t even carry it with you, as the ? What they did not know,suspect’s blue backpack gleefully range in the presence of its callers. What did not know then, but would find out later, is that the identified suspect had recently been picked up by none other than New York City Police Department’s (NYPD) finest men in blue. The identified suspect was found lost on the streets of Queens, NYC. When questioned he had no known local address, telephone number or mental image of his desired location. Talking non-stop in the back seat of the squad car, police officers continued circling the area. In a moment of desperation and their need for mental sanity the two officers contemplate taking him to the downtown police station until further information as to his residence uncertainty could be solved. The impending reality that he might indeed end up “downtown” sent his heart rate beating faster, increased his blood pressure and forced his brain into gear. “Excuse me officers, my brother lives in the Midwest, I know his telephone number!” Radio-ing into dispatch, the number is dialed. “Hello” Yes, this is the NYPD, what is your relationship to . . .” With the family’s printed itinerary attached to his refrigerator, his brother was able to give the address of his brother’s residence in Queen’s NYC. Thank him for his time, the officers turn around once more. “Hey wait!” I thought this place looked familiar!”, came a relieved cry from the back seat. Police Officers exchanged knowing glances, replying, “We drove by several times over the course of the past hour. Actually ten to be exact, but who is counting.” Once safely inside and the family photo session being now complete, a Mother pulls her son,  the 50 plus year old suspect aside, scolding him saying, “Don’t you know it is rude to get lost when people are waiting for you?’

To all your special story moments!


Until next time . . . Let Your Storyographer’s Journey Begin!

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