The Impossible Things List


Going into the under the soil reality of Alice’s wonderland, in Timothy Burton’s film production, we find her at one of life’s uncertain crossroads.  Here she learns she must face dreaded jaberwalki; a huge, winged, creature with teeth half the size of her physical being.  Through the encouragement of the Mad Hatter, Alice remembers her father’s words;  six impossible things before breakfast. Yes, six seemingly impossible things, which became possible, all before breakfast. She recounts her list thus far;  falling down a rabbit hole, finding pastry mix that made her grow instantly grow larger and smaller, discovering the key to the tiny room . . . listing them off one at a time until she reaches number 6 – killing a jaberwalki. Seconds later the jaberwalki takes a near fatal swing at her. Gathering her courage she affirms number six on her list – number six, kill a jaberwalki. Now the only impossible task on her list. Facing her fears and standing in reality of her courage, Alice kills the jaberwalki before breakfast.

Using the power of the jaberwalki’s  blood, she is able to go back home through the rabbit hole. Dusty and dirty, yet filled with new found confidence, courage and determination she tactfully declined the marriage proposal from one she never loved and one who never loved her. She continues on in her new found strength of self assurance and renewed life purpose and further addresses the other bullies, ruling lords and want a be’s in her world.

Standing in her almost former, now never to be, father-in-law’s office, she proposes a business transaction involving trading with China. Something which had never been done or even considered before. Seeing the confidence, vision and raw courage of this amazing young woman, this man agrees. Then makes a side note stating if this idea had been spoken from the lips of anyone else, he would surely have said no.

So what is number six on your list of impossible things to be accomplished before breakfast? Now here is a great story to tell!

Until next time . . . Let Your  Storyographer’s Journey Begin!

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