Samson and Delilah – Strength vs Doubt

An old favorite in a fresh light as I listened to Mary Morressey’s message this past Sunday in Warren, MI. The well told tale unfolds, a rather handsome man, hair long and flowing, the strength of an army. Army, yes an army and the opposing militaristic forces were desperate in search of another strategic idea, or two or three. The idea came, of course, the incredible beautiful, seductress Delilah. The kind of women that could make almost any man’s eye’s glaze over, his heart melt and his truest confessions spill forth. Often makes me wonder if she knew Helen of Troy.

However she has some work ahead of her. Persistent in the heat of passion and romance, she remains centered, focused on the ultimate question – where does your strength lie?

“Honey, I got it, I flaunt it, that’s all anyone needs to know!”

The routine continues, until in a moment of spirited intoxication, in a second of romantic passion, he shares his secrete drifting off into an enchanted sleep. No magic kiss at the end of this one. Bound, the source of his strength now gone with a clip of the scissors, as he hair lies strewn on the ground beneath his feet, he is taken captive by the opposing army. Eyes poked out, now tied to a grinding wheel, he spends his days making small circular rounds.

Strength vs doubt. An intriguing story of personal power, of strength of diverted focus and attention. An inspiring story of remaining true to the uniqueness of who we are and the incredible gifts we have to share.

Until next time . . . let a Storyographer’s journey begin!

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