Seasonal Mania!

Seasonal Story Mania!

The end of December marks the busiest, craziest, most celebrated time of year in the US. Holidays are nothing new, nothing old and happen frequently throughout the year. Only, in late December the celebration takes on a life, or more accurately, a life’s story of its own. More than anything else, this time of year represents the power of story, as many traditions, faiths, beliefs, parental units and media producers spend a great deal of time telling and retelling favorite seasonal stories. Inspired by the power of these stories, the majority of individuals across the country engage in some type of holiday tradition, celebration or obligation.

It’s Time

“Timing, doesn’t anyone get it! A census – Caesar must be crazy. Great, an official head on neck head count. Heads are heads, no matter their geographic location. The idea of traveling off to the city where the Male Head of households’ ancestral line resides adds a new dimension to bureaucratic blunders. Don’t they get it? I am nine months pregnant.”

Securing a reservation with Needle’s Eye Camel Caravan; Mary and Joseph pack their traveling clocks – slash sleeping bags, an extra pair of shoes, some cash and a container for water. Fortunately due to the increasingly large numbers of traveler’s, donkey rental businesses and caravan travel bookers are rallying in numbers to meet the needs of census bound travelers ensuring safer travel by numbers opportunities.

Next stop Bethlehem, the City of David.

Bidding farewell to fellow caravan travelers, Mary and Joseph welcome the business of the city. No longer having to worry about prowling mountain lions, thrill seeking wild boars and theft driven bandits, they find themselves surrounded by adults clutching the hands of young children. Directionless travelers seeking advice from direction filled residents. Merchants lining the streets notifying passing crowds of their goods and services. Their hailed voices lifting above the echoing chanter of daily conversation:  “Flame Baked” “Tree Ripened!” “Ox Strong Donkey Rentals!” “Lion’s Eye Protection: Camel Caravans!” A lengthy list carrying on farther than any eye can see or any ear can hear. Longing for more than a road side slice of land to sleep on, Mary and Joseph search for lodging.

Mary, feeling the early onset of labor reaches out to Joseph; “It’s time”.

“It’s time, what time?” asks Joseph.

“It’s time!” replies Mary.

It’s time for many things. Times filled with hectic schedules, family dynamics, emotions, wonderment, excitement, uncertainty, loneliness . . .  A time of appreciation, stopping to think about the people around us, those who touch our lives. As we again enter another time of gift exchanges, delicious meals and holiday gatherings, maybe considering taking just a bit of time in the expression of gratitude. It might be a great time to stop and share with each person gathered around one or more things that you appreciate about them.

Wishing you all the warmth, happiness and health in this holiday season!

Until next time! . . . Let a Storyographer’s Journey Begin!

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